Agriculture Tele Consultation

Agriculture Tele Consultation is revolutionary initiative by CSC which has altered life of farmers in big and small ways. This service has made farmers life easy by helping him connect with Agriculture Scientist via Vedio Calling. Now he can visit his nearest CSC centre and seek advisory in his local language. On our platform we have Qualified Agronomist, Plant Pathologist, Horticulturist, Vet Doctors, Agri Engineers, Agro Meteorologist, Entomologist from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, spread on PAN India who provide advisory on various aspects of agriculture. The service adds big value in areas with young farmers who wish to practice new methods of farming but are unable to do due to lack of guidance.

Kisan E Mart

CSC provides a unique Buyer Seller platform where farmers can connect and market their produce irrespective of geographical boundaries. So basically Pomegranates from Tripura could be sold in Bihar, Mangoes from Maharashtra could be marketed to Jammu and so on. The classic benefit of the service is that it removes the middlemen from the chain and therefore farmer gets his optimum prices. By this service we are promoting Agricultural Market Linkages.

Soil Test Centres

Soil plays a major factor which affects crop production. Therefore to have optimum Crop Production a healthy and productive soil is must. We at CSC, are providing soil testing kits which analyses the soil samples of farmers fields for various macro and micronutrients, acidity, basicity, Organic Carbon etc. On the basis of reports generated, necessary recommendation of nutrient application is provided. This helps in need based application of fertilizer. This further leads to cost cutting and ultimately results in reduction of overall cost of crop production. This will help farmer to sustain fertility level of their soil and production obtained in upcoming years.


Over the years mechanisation of farming practices has taken place. Therefore for good production it becomes a necessity for farmers to use machinery like Harrow, cultivators, threshers, rotavators, seed drill etc. However these machineries are very costly and unaffordable for small and Marginal farmers. That’s where Movr comes to farmers rescue. It is a service where small and marginal farmers can take costly machinery on rent. On the other hand Farmers who own the machinery can earn by lending their machinery on rent.

Banking Services

In rural areas it is unfavourable to have a full fledged Bank. CSC has a tie up with major Banks of India therefore FPO can open Bank BC of major banks and provide all major facilities that a bank provides such debit, credit, loan sanctioning etc. This helps FPOs to generate income and help connect farmers to digital mode of banking. This helps farmers to have easy transactions. Agricultural Crop Production practices require input costs and therefore agriculture loans are required by farmers. Bank BC helps farmers to taken Agricultural loans.

E Pashu Chikitsa

E Pashu Chikitsa is platform offered by CSC which has helped farmers who are involved in Animal husbandry practices We have on boarded Veterinary doctors on our platform. Farmers can connect with them via video calling. Farmer can visit his nearest CSC centre and seek advisory. Every district has a s Veterinary Officer who may sometimes not be able accessible to common farmers due lack of time, distance , bad weather etc. In such condition E Pashu Chikitsa comes into play where farmers can connect to Vet Doctors over video call and get advisory at a nominal cost.

Accounting Tools

Compliance is an important aspect for any company. Therefore it is necessary to do it in the right manner to avoid any problems. We at CSC offer advisory to FPOs on GST filing, GST returns, TDS, audit , balance sheet, record maintenance etc.

CSC E Agri Portal

CSC e Agri is an Agri E commerce platform of CSC Agriculture where all major and minor needs of farmers are catered. Farmers can buy a number of agriculture inputs such as seeds, fertiliser, biofertilizer, pesticides etc from IFFCO , KRIBHCO ,Tata Rallis, IshVed, Bayer. We have also onboarded Cattlefeed brands like Godrej Agrovet,Amul, Ncourage. Apart from this, farmers can also buy small and big agricultural machineries from brands like STIHL and MTD. Farmers can buy Soil Testing kit from Bhumi Prayogshala and set up soil testing laboratory of their own.